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Creating and Publishing a Git Repository on Windows with XAMPP and SCM Manager

Follow the steps below to create and publish a Git repository on Microsoft Windows.  Git is a popular set of tools for source code management.  It is used to record and track changes made to computer programs by a group of … Continue reading

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Installing Bugzilla on Windows with XAMPP

Follow the instructions below to install Bugzilla on Microsoft Windows.  Bugzilla is an open-source project management and issue tracking program, commonly called a “bugtracker”. UPDATE 2016/03/29 – Someone asked a question on Stack Overflow that referenced these instructions, saying that … Continue reading

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Finding the Convex Hull of a Set of Points in JavaScript with the Jarvis’s March Algorithm

The JavaScript code below, when run, generates some random 2D points and then finds their “convex hull”, using the relatively simple algorithm known as “Jarvis’s March” or “the Gift-Wrapping Algorithm”. See the Wikipedia page for more details. There are other, … Continue reading

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