Installing MonoDevelop on CentOS and other Linux Distributions

MonoDevelop is an integrated development environment (IDE) that allows software developers to write programs in Mono.  Mono, in turn, is a free and open-source clone of Microsoft’s .NET framework, which is one of the more popular software development frameworks in the world.

Ironically, even though one of the primary motivations for the initial development of Mono was to be able to develop and run .NET applications on Linux, historically it’s actually been much easier to install Mono and MonoDevelop on Windows than it is to install them on certain versions of Linux.  If you wanted to install Mono on a Fedora variant, for instance, most experts would just advise that you compile it from source.

Someone named Timotheus Pokorra, however, has recently made the process much easier by doing the packaging for each variant himself and posting the results to the internet.  He’s also posted instructions on how to install from these packages, which can currently be accessed at the URL “”.

Whatever Gods may be, please bless Timotheus Pokorra forever.

UPDATE 2016/02/25 – Well, okay, maybe not forever. As of this writing, it looks like there is no longer a Fedora package available at the URL linked above. I’m not sure why the package was removed, but I’m hoping it means that it’s no longer necessary, because there’s now a simpler way to install MonoDevelop to a Fedora-based Linux variant, like maybe a Yum package. But I haven’t had the opportunity to investigate further yet.

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