Displaying Text in Assembly without Interrupts

The BIOS provides a lot of standard interrupt routines for writing text to the display, which is useful. But unfortunately, you can’t really call any of them from protected mode. Since most modern programs spend most of their time in protected mode, this obviously poses a problem. The alternative explored in this article is to set the VGA card to a text mode and then poke values representing letters into the appropriate places in display memory, which will hopefully cause those letters to appear on the screen. Of course, writing to VGA memory directly poses problems of its own these days, but it works for the simulated VGA card used in this example. One decade at a time, I guess.

1. Follow the steps in the previous tutorial titled “Creating a Bootable Program in Assembly Language“, but replace the original text from HelloWorldBootable.asm with the code given below. The new code uses direct memory access to write text to the screen without using interrupts.

use16	   ; 16-bit mode
org 0x7C00 ; this is the address of the boot sector

	mov ah,0x00 	; reset disk
	mov dl,0	; drive number
	int 0x13	; call BIOS interrupt routine
	; load the sector from disk using BIOS interrupt 0x13
	mov ah,0x02 ; read sectors into memory
	mov al,1	; number of sectors to read
	mov dl,0	; drive number
	mov ch,0	; cylinder number
	mov dh,0	; head number
	mov cl,2	; starting sector number
	mov bx,Main ; memory location to load to 
	int 0x13	; call BIOS interrupt routine
	jmp Main	; now that it's been loaded

	; pad out all but the last two bytes of the sector with zeroes
	times ((0x200 - 2) - ($ - $$)) db 0x00

	dw 0xAA55 ; these must be the last two bytes in the boot sector


org 0x7E00 ; the address of the sector after the boot sector

	mov ax,3			; set VGA mode (text)
	int 0x10

	mov dx,0xB800			; beginning of display memory
	mov es,dx		

	mov si,TextHelloWorld 		; point si at the string 

	mov cx,0
	ForEachChar:		  	; begin loop

		lodsb			; load al with [si], increment si
		cmp al,0x00	   	; if char is null...
		je EndForEachChar 	; .. then break out of the loop

		mov di,cx		; offset of current character

		mov [es:di],al		; write the character to memory

		inc cx			; there are two bytes per character
		inc cx			; so increment cx twice

	jmp ForEachChar	   		; jump back to beginning of loop
	EndForEachChar:	   		; end of the loop

	ret				; quit the program

	; data to display
	TextHelloWorld: db 'Hello, world!',0

	times ((0x200) - ($ - $$)) db 0x00
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